Under the direction of : Ph. Valenti / M. Scheibel
July, 9th
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24 hours online
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Who's behind the Programme?

Meet the worldwide cast of GSA 2021!

The upcoming all-new format of GSA 2021 has been inspired and developed thanks to the dedication and teamwork of key opinion leaders all around the globe.They are busy behind the scenes, ensuring it goes above and beyond its promises: to share knowledge, experience and practice across continents!

Session organised by Ashish GUPTA

under the patronage of the
Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia (SESA)

Speakers include:
Ashish Gupta
Kenneth Cutbush
Eugene EK
Jeff Hughes
Session organised by  George ATHWAL

Under the patronage of the
Canadian Shoulder and Elbow Society

Speakers include:

George Athwal
Patrick Henry
Ken Faber
Dominique Rouleau
Peter Lapner
Ryan Bicknell
Tim Leroux
George Athwal
Session organised by  Chunyan JIANG

Under the patronage of the
Chinese Shoulder and Elbow Society/AO Recon

Speakers include:

Chunyan Jiang
Simon Lambert
Yiming Zhu
Yi Lu
Ming Xiang
Session organised by  Emilio CALVO

Under the patronage of the
European Shoulder and Elbow Society

Speakers include:
Emilio Calvo (Spain)
Philipp Moroder (Germany)
Alexandre Lädermann (Switzerland)
Pascal Boileau (France)
HOST SESSION FROM PARIS Session organised by Markus SCHEIBEL & Philippe VALENTI

Orators :
Olivier Verborgt (Belgium)
Karl Wieser (Switzerland)
Philippe Valenti (France)
Markus Scheibel (Switzerland/Germany)
Session organised by Ram CHIDAMBARAM

under the patronage of
Shoulder and Elbow Society of India

Speakers include:

Ram Chidambaram
Ashish Babhulkar
Raman Kant Agarwal
Session organised by Hiro SUGAYA

under the patronage of
Japan Shoulder Society (JSS)

Speakers include:
Hiro Sugaya
Noboru Matsumura
Kotaro Yamakado
Session organised by Jae Chull YOO & YS KIM

under the patronage of
Korean Shoulder Elbow Society (KSES)

Speakers include:

Chul-Hyun Cho MD
Jong Hun Ji MD
Doo-Sup Kim MD
Jae Chul Yoo MD
Yong Girl Rhee MD
Session organised by Byron TORRES

Under the patronage of the
Latin America Shoulder and Elbow Society

Speakers include:

Byron Torres (Ecuador)
Marcio Cohen (Brazil)
Alberto Rivera (Puerto Rico)
Mauricio Largacha (Colombia)
Osvandre Lech (Brazil)
Alejandro Novoa (Mexico)
Claudio Moraga (Chile)
Session organised by Ali MAQDES

Under the patronage of the
Saudi Orthopedic Association,Kuwait
Orthopedic Society,
The Israeli Shoulder and Elbow Society / The Israeli Orthopedic Association,
Emirates Orthopeadic Society

Speakers include:

Dr Naser Al Nisif (Kuwait)
Prof. E Maman (Israel)
Dr Yaron (Israel)
Dr. Efi Kazum (Israel)
Dr Nasser Al Qahtani (Saudi Arabia)
Dr Waseem Al Debeyan (Saudi Arabia)
Dr Saeed Al Thani (United Arab Emirates)
Dr Saad AL-Qahtani (Saudi Arabia)
NEW ZEALAND Session organised by Marc HIRNER

Under the patronage of the
New Zealand Shoulder Elbow Society

Speakers include:
Paul Sharplin
Marc Hirner
Jessica Mowbray (Marc Hirner, Mike van Niekerk, Chris Frampton)
Vikesh Gupta (Ritwick Kerjwal, Chris Frampton)
Alex Malone
Session organised by Oleg MILENIN & Presmo LUBIATOWSKI

Under the patronage of the
Polish Shoulder and Elbow Society

Speakers include:

Oleg Milenin (Russia)
Przemyslaw Lubiatowski (Poland)
Olgar Birsel (Turkey)
Alexey Lychagin  (Russia)
Jeno Kiss (Hungary)
Bartlomiej Kordasiewicz (Poland)
Maciej Kiciński (Poland)
Maxim Makarov (Russia)
Vadim Naidanov (Russia)
SOUTH AFRICA Session organised by Stephen ROCHE

Speakers include:
Leon Rajah
Jean-Pierre du Plessis
Pududu Rachuene
Stephen Roche
Gerhard Greef
Basil Vrettos
Theo Rosch
USA Session organised by Mark FRANKLE

Speakers include:
Marc Frankle
Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo
David Dines
Gerald Williams
George Athwal
Industry Session Speakers: Philippe Valenti (France)
Jean Kany (France)
Thomas Gregory (France)
Simko Ali (France)
Olivier Verborgt (Belgium)
John Sperling (USA)
Lionel Neyton (France)
George Athwal (Canada)
Mohy Taha (France)
Russell Huffman (USA)
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Under the direction of

Philippe Valenti

Philippe Valenti

Paris / France
Philippe Valenti

Markus Scheibel

Berlin - Zurich / Germany - Switzerland
Paris Shoulder Course
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